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Get Aesthetic Versatility and Structure Durability with Precast Products

We combine quality with extensive product knowledge to meet your construction needs.

Moncton’s Acclaimed Precast Concrete Provider

Concrete has remained the building material of choice for centuries due to its durability and versatility. Precast concrete can drastically reduce building costs and construction time. It can be manufactured in any colour, shape, size and finish. At Maritime Precast, we leverage the versatility of this wonderful material and our expertise to provide sustainable building solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors. If you are a contractor or homeowner in search of a dependable precast concrete provider in Moncton and the surrounding area, rely on our experts. We specialize in custom precast work made to order. Just give us a call and get a free quote!

Manufacturer Precast Products

For landscaping as well as renovation and home improvement projects, we provide products that are designed to minimize long-term maintenance costs, such as:

  • Precast concrete steps, tables and benches

  • Highway barriers

  • Monument blocks

  • Patio slabs

  • Fire pits

  • Big block retaining wall systems

Discover the Benefits of Precast

Precast concrete integrates easily with other systems and structures. Whether you are planning to design a residential structure or are in need of patio slabs, precast concrete gives form to your architectural vision. Moreover, it allows for sustainable and safer construction, so the project can be completed within the stipulated time.

Custom Orders upon Request

To make the most out of this marvellous building material, it is important to choose your service provider wisely. Maritime Precast offers a wide variety of solutions that are durable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. We leverage our experience of over 35 years to provide our clients with custom solutions that are commenced without wastage of time, material and money.

Crane Services and Rental

In addition to the services mentioned above, Maritime Precast also provides crane services and rentals. You can also rely on us for concrete installations and removals. Contact our professionals for a free quote today!

Design Sustainable Structures

Known for high quality and durability, our precast concrete meets your long-term demands.

Begin with a Solid Foundation

Custom precast work allows more control over your project and time schedule.

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